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John's Boat
Radio Controlled model boating is a fascinating hobby that can be as simple or as complex as one wants, and can be enjoyed by all age groups. There are as many types of model boats as there are full sizes ones: enough to satisfy all tastes and interests. Those who enjoy the excitement of speed will find plenty of thrills and competition in the fast electric field. Sailing enthusiasts will find that the racing of radio-controlled sailboats offers all the challenge and exhilaration of the full sized yachts. Builders of exact scale models get the added satisfaction of operating their craft under full radio control.
Or you can build a simple sport-craft and operate just for the fun of it. With the dramatic decrease in the cost of radio equipment it is not a particularly expensive hobby, the boats almost never sink and they last a long time. We have seen boats as old as 50 years - 25 are not uncommon. Only a few basic tools and materials are needed to build a boat model. There are numerous kits available which make it easier to get started.